Remo Recover makes it possible to restore lost data after factory reset on your Windows 10 system. You might have encountered situations wherein your system is not performing to its optimal level. There are frequent process slowdowns despite maintaining enough disk space on all your drives. The situation doesn’t improve even after scanning your entire… Read Article →

Sometimes you will have to go to recovery mode to repair the disk errors and file errors encounter in the computer. There could arise different sorts of problem on your Macintosh that can cause in data inaccessibility. At worst cases, you may not be able to perform any read or write operation onto the disk… Read Article →

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox One X is now available to pre-order worldwide. The console said that it will be most powerful and will be out on November 7th worldwide. Last month saw the Project Scorpio Edition which has opened for pre-orders, and now it’s time for those who are interested in the standard black… Read Article →

Let us say, you are sport geek or adventurous fellow who have GoPro camera to capture all those moments. This camera features high quality action videos which can be captured when you play jet-sking, surfing, water skiing, motorsports, etc. and its wearable, waterproof and shockproof. Even with these advanced features you may come across loss… Read Article →

You may want to delete Mac partition for various reasons such as when a partition is corrupt or to increase the partition size, you need to delete the unused/unwanted partition. If you are one among who is looking for a solution to delete a volume on Mac then you are at exact place. This page… Read Article →

The Hard disk drive of your system, be it the PC or laptop whether running on Windows or Mac platforms is the main storage device that stores all the data/files during the long course of its usage. Most HDD failures are not the result of any user activity instead it may crash or fail due… Read Article →

At times, while checking out an HTML/HTM5 page on your browser, you may encounter an error message stating- “Video File not Found“. This problem arises if there is no proper codec installed on your system to support the video file that you’re trying to play. Thus, this post will assist you to know why this… Read Article →

What is MBR? MBR stands for Master Boot Record which is the part of your hard drive that holds information about the partitions of the hard drive and acts as a loader for the OS when you are running it. It comprises of first 512 bytes of your hard disk. If the MBR is damaged… Read Article →

Most of you might be using a single partition on your hard drive for a long period, and later understood the need for multiple partitions on your hard disk drive. Dividing the hard drive into several logical partitions helps in categorizing the file types and storing them at particular partitions. This makes you identify and… Read Article →

Hello Friends!!! I deleted some of the MTS files accidentally from memory card before transferring to the PC. I want to get back those video files as soon as possible. Is there any suggestion to recover deleted MTS files in a reliable way? MTS is a file extension for Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD)… Read Article →

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