Windows 10 data recovery tool

Windows 10 Data Recovery

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Don’t know which segment of time was I using my computer today!

Being weekend, I thought of cleaning up my computer by deleting useless, unnecessary and junk files. Well that wasn’t a bad idea either, right? Everyone does that. But here comes the worst part, let me tell you. While I was deleting the unnecessary files and cleaning up the memory space, fingers slipped and I ended up deleting a complete folder containing very important files of my use instead. Hell! This is a nightmare I am watching during daytime.

Any helping hand out there? I desperately need it.”

Easy recovery of your data from Windows 10:

Windows has provided us with a plenty of exciting and useful features in Windows 10 such as improved browser experience, fast rebooting system, changed and easy-to-use interface, and what not. But losing your precious, important and useful data from your computer is certainly a worst thing to happen to one. All of a sudden you could lose your important data within a fraction of moments. And losing your data may be a collection of photos, or rather say memories, videos, official files and papers or anything.

Well losing your important data and folders must not be a matter of concern anymore when there is a tool for you to deal with any such major mishap. Remo Windows10 Data Recovery Tool has got your back very firmly which is very effective software to recover data from windows 10.

Scenarios in which data loss happens/may happen:

While performing deletion of files or folders from their files, one must be very careful whatsoever. But if in any case, something extreme happens like data from your computer system getting deleted somehow. Mentioned below are a few case-scenarios where deletion/loss of data from your OS happens/may happen:

  • Unintentional errors like using “Shift+Delete” command.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin- As most of the files which users delete are not of their use and those entire files end up accumulating in recycle bin only. But here is a twist; there might be some useful files as well which they may have deleted in some course of time. So in attempt of emptying recycle bin, those important and useful files would also get deleted.
  • Sudden power surge.
  • Partitioning using some third party utility may also lead to Windows10 Corruption and data loss henceforth.
  • Files getting deleted or corrupted due to malicious attacks, viz. virus, malware or spyware.
  • A bad sector getting created causing abnormal stalling and freezing of PC resulting in inaccessibility of data.

How to recover data:

Remo Windows 10 Data Recovery tool is a solution to all kind of data loss issues. It scans the hard drive within a few minutes and successfully restores all your deleted files and folders. This tool can retrieve data from non-bootable drives. This software is compatible to all versions of Windows operating system (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP & 2003).

Key features of Remo Recovery Windows 10:

  • It supports every format of file system, viz. FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT thus enabling us to use single software for different file systems.
  • This tool incorporates “Preview” option as well so that we can view the data being recovered before final restoration.