What Does “Video File Not Found” Error Mean?


At times, while checking out an HTML/HTM5 page on your browser, you may encounter an error message stating- “Video File not Found“. This problem arises if there is no proper codec installed on your system to support the video file that you’re trying to play. Thus, this post will assist you to know why this problem occurs and how to overcome it. Read the next section to know more.

Detailed explanation: What does “Video file not found” error means and how to resolve it?

Generally, video files included in the web page contains an object element which syncs with a certain type of video plugin/types. The most widely used video types are Flash and QuickTime. So, in order to play these video types, the browser you are using need to have an exclusive plugin that supports various formats. Without the help of plugins, the video files will be unable to play. This issue has been encountered by several web users since a long time.

The creators (designer/coders or whoever is responsible) of the web page need to generate a special HTML code that corresponds the links where the respective video can be downloaded. The formats can consist of OGG, WebM and MP4. When the code is generated, it gets placed into the body tags(<body></body>) of the web page.  Thus video will be viewable in all latest browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

Further, the resolution for this error is relatively simple. All you need to do is to make sure that your browser is updated (with all latest updates) and has all the required codes. Once you have these two things in place, the video on the web page will play without any complications.

Pro-tip: Whenever you download .mp4 videos from any web page, make sure that they are from a reliable source. Further, after the download, if you notice that the MP4 files are damaged, then you can make use of professional repair software –Remo Repair MOV. The tool is capable of repairing damaged MP4 files instantly. Apart from .mp4, MOV files can also be fixed using the same software.