Technique That Works in Repairing PSD Unexpected End of File Error

“As I was saving my important design prepared using Photoshop CS6 file last night, my computer froze all of sudden and when I tried opening PSD file it failed and I got error dialog saying “unexpected end of file” Then it exits. Now I am in a big trouble as my vital PSD became inaccessible. Please can anybody help me in fixing this error?”

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for both Windows and Mac OS X. PSD is nothing but the file format used by Adobe in its Photoshop program line. PSD supports all available image modes like Bitmap, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale. This application has made it very easy to modify images, dynamic web pages, to crop images and there is lot of other stuffs to do using Adobe Photoshop.

Sometimes while working With Photoshop, you might have encountered disgusting “unexpected end of file” error. This type of error usually occurs if the Photoshop fails to save the header and footer information of the file and due to other reasons. Some of them are mentioned below.

Causes for the PSD End of File Error:

  • Save all the items used in Adobe Photoshop files in one specific drive, otherwise you may get end of file error while trying to access PSD file.
  • After upgrading your previous version of Photoshop to latest version on Mac OS X, after up gradation when you try to open old version PSD file in new version Photoshop you may end up facing PSD file corruption and error message will pop-up saying unexpected end of file error.
  • Sometimes improper usage of Adobe Photoshop application may damage your source file. If your PSD source file gets corrupted very seriously, then PSD file will refuse to open up and shows the error saying “unexpected end of file”. Remo Repair PSD software can even repair such errors.
  • Registry files acts as a database to store all information related to the installed applications and all updates in it. Due to any reasons if this file gets corrupt, then some applications may not work. In such situations you might get “unexpected end of file” error when you attempt to open PSD file.

Other than above described reasons you may also have encountered “unexpected end of file” error while working on Photoshop due to software malfunction and bad sectors on hard drives. Even the failure of Adobe Photoshop tool will lead to this type of error. In order to overcome from PSD “unexpected end of file “error make use of Remo Recover PSD Software, which helps you repairing PSD files in simple steps.

How to Avoid “Unexpected End of File” error condition:

  • Never shut down the system when PSD files are running or saving on hard drives.
  • Never allow your internal hard drive to become more than 85% full
  • Avoid saving PSD files on computers having bad sectors.
  • Stop working on your Macintosh as soon as you notice PSD file unexpected end of file error message, in order to prevent overwriting of the particular file.

Features of Remo Repair PSD Software:

  • Remo Repair PSD software is designed with advanced technology, which helps fixing your entire corrupted .psd file without modifying its original content.
  • This software not only fixes Photoshop “unexpected end of file” error on Mac OS X but also supports all major versions of Mac such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.
  • It repairs Adobe Photoshop files that are saved improperly.
  • Remo Repair PSD utility supports mending of both PSD files as well as PDD files created by different versions of Adobe Photoshop such as CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5.5, 6.0, and 7.0.
  • It has an ability to fix PSD file error on Mac along with its color mode including Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, Bitmap, multichannel, duotone, etc.
  • It is a simple 4 step process to repair Photoshop unexpected end of file error and get back PSD file on OS X in a working condition.
  • Use trial version of this software and estimate their repairing process before purchasing.