Some Common Ways to Fix File System Errors and Disk on Mac?


Sometimes you will have to go to recovery mode to repair the disk errors and file errors encounter in the computer. There could arise different sorts of problem on your Macintosh that can cause in data inaccessibility. At worst cases, you may not be able to perform any read or write operation onto the disk storage. However, to overcome from such errors and troubles, you got a number of options to deal with disk and file errors on Mac OS X. So, read this post to know some of the effective ways to fix file system errors and disk on Mac.

  • First Aid

Apple includes an inbuilt utility to check the disk health, known as Disk Utility. To open the Disk utility:

  • Hold down Command + Space and open the Spotlight – > Type Disk Utility -> Hit on Enter key


  • Go to the Applications > Utilities (double-click on it) -> Press on Disk Utility

Under Disk Utility you can choose the disk or the partition that you want to check. Your system partition will be generally named as Macintosh HD. You can then continue to run the First Aid on the entire disk or any chosen drive partition. Pressing on Run button will initiate checking the disk for errors. Upon encountering errors, they are automatically fixed by the first aid utility. You can get more information about the errors encountered on the disk simply by clicking on Show details option.

  • The Safe Mode

Booting the Mac in Safe Mode is one of the most frequently used solutions to resolve file system problems and disk errors. As you restart the Mac, hold down the Shift key as it boots. Continue to sign in with the password and it will continue to check for issues in the disk. Once after the check-up, you can reboot the Mac.

  • FSCK command

Running the fsck command in single-user mode also helps out in dealing with Mac file system errors. To get into single-user mode, hold Command + S keys upon restarting the Mac. Then you could see a text-mode terminal where you need to run the following command –

/sbin/fsck –fy

It performs several passes of checks and returns a message as The File System was Modified if errors are been found and fixed. If not, then you get a message as – The volume appears to be OK