Software to Repair Corrupted or Damaged AVI file on Mac

AVI is a multi media file format, which has been launched by Microsoft corporation. It is a simple file format used for saving both audio and video onto a single file, and makes them more effective than other video file types. AVI is one of the most popular file formats for saving video calls made via MSN Live Messenger, Skype and other applications. But sometimes this file format gets corrupted, unplayable, becomes inaccessible or any related issue occurs then don’t worry as you can repair it with ease.

There are various problems generated with an AVI file on Mac OS X:


  1. AVI File will not play in players: If it happens to be the case where your AVI file will not work with any media player you try, then it could be a codec issue.
  2. Sound but no picture:  The picture is not associated with the sound, where only sound covers whole video but won’t display a single image.
  3. Picture but no sound: Only picture is shown without having an audio affect.
  4. Picture freezes but sound continues: Sometimes AVI file has broken/corrupted frames in the video stream.
  5. Cannot seek/skip through video:  if bad AVI is present in the video then there are chances where you will not be able to skip due to lack of an Index entirely.
  6. Audio is out of sync: Example; while watching a movie if the video is not been sync with audio then it gets frustrated.

To resolve any issue related to AVI file then make use of Remo Repair Software.

AVI files are repaired using Remo Repair AVI Tool:Corrupt-avi-file-fixer

  • All corrupt avi file fixer can be achieved with interactive interface provided by this tool.
  • AVI video files which are stored in external devices like external hard disk, SD card, and memory card, flash drive, and Pen drive, etc. This storage devices are connected to Mac system and can be easily repaired using this utility.
  • It can repair AVI files recorded by any popular DSLR cameras and camcorder brands
  • Software is capable of repairing reduced part of .avi file due to incomplete download.
  • Fixes all truncated and AVI files of large size in few steps.

Steps to resolve issues related to AVI files using Remo Repair software:


Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair tool on your Mac operating system and select the drive that contains the corrupted or damaged AVI files and then press “Repair”.


Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, then you can play a portion of fixed AVI file using the “Preview repaired file” option from the screen.


Step 3: Finally you will have an option to save the entire repaired AVI video file to any desired location using “Save repaired file”.


The software also supports the Windows operating system to repair AVI files; it has capability of repairing different formats of video like MP4, MPEG, MOV, M4A, and 3G2. This tool comes with demo version where you don’t need to pay during retrieving the files.