Retrieve Outlook 2013 Calendar Items

The Calendar aspect in Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 is one of the most significant and extremely functional features of the MS Outlook 2013 application. The latest edition of Microsoft Outlook 2013 Calendar is completely synced with Emails, Contacts, Reminders and other features. With this new improved version of Calendar feature, one can create appointments, events, organize meetings, access schedules, view multiple calendar entries in multiple views, easy linking of calendar items to other Microsoft apps, directly share calendars via emails, and a lot more.

It is evident that the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Calendar app can hold lots of important data over time. All calendar items in MS Outlook 2013 are stored in a unique file container called the Personal Storage Table or .pst. The PST file is known to get damaged or erased easily in case it encounters any errors. Also the PST file requires regular maintenance as these files tend to collect lot of junk data over time. The bigger the size of the PST file gets, the easier it is for the PST file to get corrupted. Also, while clearing all junk data from the PST file it is possible that you mistakenly delete important items such as calendars and others.

Some scenarios leading to Outlook 2013 file deletion / corruption on Windows:

  • The most common PST file deletion scenario comes as unintentional file deletion, either by using the normal delete option or by making use of Shift + Delete option
  • Sometimes third party softwares can cause Outlook 2013 PST contents to get deleted while performing any other tasks
  • PST files can get damaged as a result of MS Outlook 2013 app corruption or crash on Windows based computers
  • Facing sudden power outages and other abnormalities while handling Outlook 2013 program can cause the PST file to get misplaced or corrupted
  • Improper terminations of Outlook program and system crashes can cause the data files which are being currently used to get erased or damaged

Recovering Outlook 2013 calendar items using Remo Repair PST:

Remo Repair PST is an advanced Outlook 2013 repair & recovery tool for all Windows based computers which helps you to effectively repair / recover calendar Outlook 2013 items. It also includes performing all other kinds of file recovery / repair on all versions of Outlook on Windows computers. Below mentioned are some of the amazing features of Remo Repair PST app. Have a look at them before executing Outlook 2013 calendar items recovery.

Some amazing features of Remo Repair PST:

  • Restore deleted PST contents or any other missing files from different partitions and drives of Windows OS
  • Can repair even severely harmed Outlook 2013 calendars and other files with ease
  • It has various search functionalities such as searching erased items on the basis of date, file format type, name or file size
  • It has built-in file preview option which can help you review all recovered / repaired PST contents even before you restore them back
  • Built with keeping in mind, the hassle-free and supportive user interface to assist you in easily recovering Outlook 2013 calendar items in few clicks