Restore Missing Partition

Partitioning the hard drive is nothing but dividing the mass storage space into an isolated sectors. The dissection of those drives is called as partitions. It helps in running more than one OS on Windows system which increases Disk efficiency. Sometimes, you may remove partition accidentally or loss of partition. But one cannot easily afford partition loss, since it might store necessary data.

However, erased or missing partition can be easily recovered using the most efficient and result oriented application named Remo Recover. It is extremely used wizard around the globe to recover lost partition on different variants of Windows OS.

Possible Partition Loss Scenarios:

  • Partition Re-size: If you do not have sufficient storage space on Windows OS then you need to shrink a partition with less data and with less unnecessary space. At this time, if the shrinking process is inaccurate then data from that partition may become inaccessible.

  • MBR Corrupt: Master Boot Record is extensively used while installing OS on computer. If it gets damaged, it may result in corrupt partition that causes non booting of HDD.

  • Reinstalling OS: Re-installation of Operating System to upgrade your PC and even repair some application malfunction issues. During reinstalling process if you remove any partition then it will result in partition lost.

  • Multiple OS: During the installation process of this multiple operating system, information saved in some of the partitions may get damaged. This can make the data present in it inaccessible.

  • Other Issues: Partition mat get lost or deleted due to various factors like formatting partition, incorrect procedure, file system corruption, power fluctuation and so on.

If you come across the above said circumstances, it is useful and reliable to use Remo Recover program to perform lost partition recovery. It has been designed by a group of high skilled professionals. It is equipped with strong scanning algorithms that help in recovering lost partitions with greater flexibility.

Attractive Features of Remo Recover Tool:

  • Remo Recover is a powerful app that offer simple and efficient way to get back lost partition within short interval of time.

  • The algorithm used in this software works in a read mode, thus ensuring that no contents of the partition are altered during the recovery process.

  • It easily regains partition that is removed while repartitioning using disk management utility.

  • Toolkit can be used to rescue data after formatting partition to various file system.

  • It will help you to retrieve hidden or inaccessible partitions effectively.

  • Any common novice customer without any technical knowledge can recovers partition data smoothly with its easy and friendly interface.

  • Restores data from erased partition that support various brands of hard drives like Se-agate, Dell, HP, Lenovo, WD, etc,.

  • Using this utility, you can recover partitions on external hard drive and from various portable devices.

  • It is used to retrieve partition which is deleted due to power surge, virus attack and so on.

  • Program is available for trial function, which is useful for consumer to check the effectiveness of the tool. The trial version only supports the “Preview” option, user cannot access the “Save” button.