Recover Files After Factory Reset On Windows 10


Remo Recover makes it possible to restore lost data after factory reset on your Windows 10 system.

You might have encountered situations wherein your system is not performing to its optimal level. There are frequent process slowdowns despite maintaining enough disk space on all your drives. The situation doesn’t improve even after scanning your entire system with the best anti-virus software.

You decide it is time to go for a factory reset. Also known as master reset, it is the process of restoring your system to its original state by erasing all the information stored on the device to restore the device to its original manufacturer settings. This procedure removes applications, files and any third-party drivers and personal settings. The entire data of your hard drive is also erased. The system’s operating system is not removed in the process.

Here are other reasons for performing a factory reset:

  • To set the system to default settings.
  • To clear memory space on your device.
  • To get rid of all the information before selling your system.
  • To remove a virus that is difficult to remove.

If you performed a factory reset on your Windows 10 system and lost all your data, you can still recover it thanks to Remo Recover software.

Recover data using Remo Recover

If you are wondering how to recover files after factory reset on windows 10, Remo Recover software is the ideal tool to do so.

Note that once the files are lost after a factory reset, they still occupy the same memory locations on your hard drive. You can still recover them as long as you do not overwrite these files with new ones. In that case, data recovery process cannot be carried out.

One of the highlights of Remo Recover software is that the data recovery tool can restore data from your hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and various storage devices.

It supports file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT.

Since factory reset of a hard drive is pretty much same as re-formatting, Remo Recover is well equipped to restore lost data from lost, deleted, formatted and re-formatted partitions and drives as well.

Remo Recover shows you in clear, simple steps on how to recover files after accidental format.

If the process of factory reset was interrupted and you lost your Operating system (OS) as well, Remo Recover can restore data after OS re-installation.

Just download the latest version of the software and follow simple steps that are displayed on the screen to carry out data recovery on your Windows 10 system.