Recover Data from External Hard Drive

In this page you will get to know about data loss scenarios in external HDD and the simple method to execute external hard drive data recovery using an efficient Remo Recover tool. Before knowing about the recovery software, let us know why data loss occurred in external hard drive.

About data loss in external hard disk drive
With the popularity of portable removable drives, people universally using external hard drive to store both personal and business data and transfer data to other devices with better convenience and quickness. Though it gives much convenience in your daily life, you may also face the trouble they make because external drive are also prone to data loss. Some of the most common situations in which you may lose data from your external HD are:

  • Harmful viruses easily enter into external hard drive while transferring data and makes it inaccessible affecting all the data stored on that drive.
  • It might usually happen that when connected external HDD to your computer and while formatting, you may accidentally select wrong partition which you are not supposed to delete it.
  • Unexpected failure of application or system termination when partitioning the external hard drive leads to huge loss of data.
  • During conversion of one file system to another while accessing external hard drive without maintaining any backup copy likely to cause enormous data loss.

Any scenarios that is mentioned above is dangerous to the data files stored in your external HD. So, it’s recommended to back up your vital data or you may face data disaster problems.

Simple method to recover data from external HDD
When you know data has been lost, immediately stop using the external hard drive because further using the drive for any operation may overwrite the lost or deleted data. As the quicker you act to perform external hard drive recovery, they are more chances to restore complete data from external HD. One of the best solution to recover data from portable hard drive, whether you have mistakenly formatted external HDD, erased data or virus infected, Remo Recover can help you to get back your entire data in no time.

Get to know about Remo Recover data recovery application


Remo Recover is specially designed to perform external hard drive recovery with in-built recovery techniques that makes it more effective in restoration of corrupted or inaccessible external hard drive recovery in just mere seconds. It is compatible to recover data from external hard disk having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file system. Based on unique signature, this utility is able to find and retrieve missing files.
Toolkit creates disk images to bypass bad sectors of the external drive and later rescue data from this disk images. It helps in recovering data from external disk drive that fails to boot or crashed. This utility can be used for restoring data from formatted, reformatted external hard drive as well as internal HDD. In addition to this, recovers data from memory cards like SD, XD, MMC, etc. and other portable storage devices like pen drives, USB drive, FireWire Drives, etc.

Added benefits of Remo Recover application

  • It has the ability to perform rigorous scanning of the external hard drive and get back various data file formats like text documents, PDF, excel, ZIP archives, etc.
  • Data can be retrieved safely, if it bypasses the Recycle Bin or you intentionally emptied the Bin folder to free disk space.
  • User friendly GUI that provides step-by-step instructions, so that any novice user can recover data from external hard drive at utmost ease.