Quickly Recover Media from Hard Drive

Many people use hard drives to store their media files such as images, photos and videos etc. or even for backing up the media files these days and it turn out to be a great utility too as you could store, arrange and manage all our desired files at single place and can fetch them whenever we want to; accordingly! But in case of any undesirable act like virus-attacks or accidental formatting or deletion, you may end up losing more or less amount of your media files. Well in any such case whatsoever, you have the solution now as you can recover all of your lost and deleted media files by using this effective tool called Remo Recover.

Procedure for recovering media files from the hard drive:

Remo Recover is simple yet amazing software which effectively solves your query of how to recover media files from hard drive. All you need to do is to follow few simple steps and Remo Recover will do the rest for you.
1. Download and install this application on your Windows computer and launch the software (either by clicking on the shortcut icon present on the desktop or select it from the Start menu) and select ‘Recover Photos’ option.

2. You will be displayed with two options in the next screen. Click on ‘Recover Deleted Photos ‘amongst two to get back the deleted photos.

3. in the next screen you will see every physical drive available on your computer getting displayed on the main screen among which you have to select the hard drive (from where the media files were lost) from where you wish to restore the media files and click on ‘Next’.

4. Remo Recover will now scan through the entire chosen hard drive and ask you to ‘Select File type’ choosing which you can have a particular file recovered or you can retrieve the whole data (media files) also by going with the default option.

5. This software provides you with a ‘Preview’ button also in its free version which allows you to view and cross-check the accuracy of the software by viewing all the media files recovered.

6. Moreover, if you like the software and if you find the recovered files accurate enough then you may proceed and buy the software. Then you can use the ‘Save’ button also which saves the recovered media files to your desired file location.

Amazing features of Remo Recover:

These are the astonishing features of this software which certainly make it different from others and help you to achieve the media-files recovery in an efficient and smooth manner.

• Very simple and understanding GUI making it easy even for a non-technical person to operate and perform through the recover procedure.

• This tool easily recovers the any type of media file which was lost or deleted from both the hard drives (external or internal).

• Remo Recover supports all type of media file formats like JPG, PNG, JPEG, 3GP, M4V, AMR and so on.

• One of the plus point of this software is that it supports file recovery from any kind of file system such as NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and ExFAT etc.

• Moreover, various type of hard disk brands all also supported by this application to recover media files, viz. Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend, and Western Digital (WD) etc.