The world is known to be computer era, since majority of users employ desktops and laptops for their usage either related to business, education or personal lives. When it comes to computer / laptop, hard disk plays to be the most important role as it allows you to save several number of files of various… Read Article →

“Hi. I am not able to archive contents from the RAR file. I think some of the files are broken. I don’t have backup of those files. The only way to access those files is employing some repair tool and makes them accessible. Of course there are lot of tools available in the market I… Read Article →

Flash drives are a kind of external data storage device that comprises of a flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface that allow easy connectivity will all electronic gadgets with USB ports. Flash drives are basically portable storage devices and they can be very easily carried anywhere. You can easily connect a… Read Article →

Now a day’s market is ruled by electronic multimedia gadgets, which includes wide range of products like digital cameras, smartphones, iPod, etc. Many of these gadgets make use of some flash memory cards to store their files. Lexar is one of the most customer trusted storage device manufacturer around the world. Lexar is one of… Read Article →

Using Remo Recover for Recovering Deleted RAR Files: Remo Recover is the best data restoring application for you in case you are searching for a way to reliably get back deleted RAR files ( to know about RAR file format, visit here) that may are erased or lost as an outcome of any unfortunate situations…. Read Article →

It happens with even the best of us that we sometimes erase important files that are not supposed to be deleted by accident. Or sometimes it is possible that an entire partition is deleted by mistake while trying to perform any other tasks on a computer. Certainly the partition may contain lot of important information,… Read Article →

FAT stands for File Allocation Table, is a computer file system architecture and a family of industry standard file systems using it. FAT file system is a legacy file system which is very simple and robust, so it was adopted universally on hard disks throughout the Windows Operating System. Three major file systems evolved namely… Read Article →

Have you formatted a hard drive inadvertently? Did you fully formatted your HDD without saving any files? Not able to access your data while Windows is constantly suggesting formatting the disk? If you are the one who is in distress because of accidental formatting of your hard drive that contains a lot of important data and… Read Article →

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