Know About Sony XQD, SD Storage Card

Nowadays, most of the smart phones are coming with huge inbuilt storage memory. So, the manufacturers of mobile phones are slowly retiring from SD (Secure Digital) cards.  SD cards are still less expensive compare to the smart phones internal storage space variations offered by makers of mobiles. The great part is that memory cards are still famous in different area such as photography where it is still the best choices to removable storage medium and looking at the photographers around the world Sony’s professional XQD, SD storage card has been launched. Let us know something about Sony’s professional XQD, SD storage cards.Sony’s professional XQD, SD storage cards


What do you mean XQD?

XQD card is a media card format and it is a successor to the Compact Flash card. XQD has been utilizing PCI Express as data transfer interface. It was initially introduced in November 2010. XQD format has the two principle advantage that is, the transfer rate is very fast for both read and write operation and high storage space. Initially, the XQD cards were having read and write speed of the data is 125 MB/s N series and future series cards will cross the storage capacity up to 500 MB/s and past. The anticipated greatest stockpiling limit of the card arrangement is more than 2 TB.

The prize of Sony’s new XQD models like XQD-M128/J SYM, XQD-M64/J SYM, and XQD-M32/J SYM capacity cards is start at Rs 14,500, Rs 6,700 and Rs 3,500 separately. The SF-M 32, SF-M 64 and the SF-M 128 are valued at Rs 4,795, Rs 7,215, and Rs 11,545 separately.

Sony’s recently dispatched range incorporates both SD cards and XQD and along with it a card reader is labeled as the MRW-E90 developed to read the same. The series of XQD M is appraised to transfer data at the rate of up to 440 MB/s for read the data and 150 MB/s for writing data while the SF-M series transfer speed exchange paces of up to 260 MB/s (read) and 100 MB/s (write).

Sony claims that world’s first XQD or SD new MRW E90 card reader G it is again used for expert photographers and will take back up or transfer 64GB of information in around just three minutes.