How to Recover Files after CHKDSK

So you probably lost your files while playing with check disk command on command prompt or DOS. This happens when it is handled incorrectly or unknowingly. It wipes the data present on the Windows computer. If you want to recover files after check disk you need to use this tool called Remo Recover. The software is designed specifically to deal with the deleted files thus recovers files in each and every possible way.

Characteristics of Remo Recover Software

Recover files after chkdskThe software has numerous features which prove that it can be able to recover files using its effective mechanism.

  • Ability to recover almost 280 files types of documents, excel sheets, compressed ZIPs, eBooks, PDFs etc.
  • The software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems and can be installed on drives having FAT16/32, NTFS/5 and ExFAT file systems.
  • The “Save Recovery Session” and “Preview” options are included in the software which is used to save the session while scanning and can preview the files respectively.
  • The software finds lost clusters, fixes errors in directories, and even detects the bad sectors in the hard disk drive.
  • The recovered files can be compressed to save disk space before proceeding to restoration.

How to recover using Remo Tool?

Install the Remo Recover software on your Windows computer and start it. The software will appear on the screen which displays three options to choose from. You need to select “Recover Files” from it. After this, proceed to select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” depending upon your needs. The next screen will opt you to select the drive from which you want to recover files. Choose the appropriate drive and selecting the next arrow button will start the scan. The scan deeply and thoroughly checks for files in each and every sector in the hard drive and then displays the final set of files on the screen. The files can be either viewed in “File type” or “Data type” views. You will also have an option to sort the files and folders by name, size and date created or modified. Then “save” button is used to save them onto your disk which will be visible after activating the software license.

Cases where Remo Recover is useful

  • Deletion of files using CHKDSK commands
  • Files lost due to voltage fluctuation
  • Files got deleted due to unsuccessful transfer or interruption
  • Abrupt or unexpected system shutdown in Windows
  • Crash in OS or any system files

Remo Software not only recovers files that got deleted due to the above said reasons, but will work on all cases where files gets deleted due to unknown reasons.

There are certain things which you should avoid after deletion of files, if you want to retrieve them. These include formatting again and again; changing the file system from one to another, transfer of files to the same partition where you lost your files. This may overwrite the files already in it and these actions are not recommended. You need to keep it safe until you use the recovery software like Remo Recover.