How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Windows Computer

“I accidentally deleted a folder that had all my graduation photos in it. It had close to 400 JPEG photos and I have no copy of these photos anywhere on my computer. is it possible to recover deleted photos from windows computer and restore them back in their original form?”

One can easily recover deleted photos from Windows computer in just a few mouse clicks. All that you need is a windows photo recovery software that will scan your computer for the deleted photos from its hard drive. A good photo recovery software will ensure that each and every deleted as well as lost photo from your Windows computer is recovered and saved back securely.

If you want to know how one can perform photo recovery on a windows computer, then watch the below linked tutorial:

It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to recover the deleted or lost photos from your Windows computer, as seen in the above video. Photos from your computer can go missing due to various reasons, you might either lose them to file corruption or might end up deleting them accidentally.

Either way it goes, you never have to worry about photos going missing from your windows computer anymore. Now that there’s the best photo recovery software for windows, you can guarantee yourself that all the photos that were either deleted or lost from your computer can be recovered without doubt.

Photos can be of different types such as JPEG, PNG and so on, so the recovery tool that you’re using on your computer needs to support all these files types so that regardless of the file type of the deleted photo, you can guarantee yourself that the photo will be recovered.

One of the most important requirement for a photo recovery tool to be successful in recovering deleted or lost photos is that you shouldn’t use the drive anymore after losing photos from it. When you continue to use a drive after losing photos, the new data that gets written to it will usually overwrite the previous data which is nothing but the photos that you were looking to recover from your drive. When your deleted or lost photos get overwritten by new data in the drive, they get lost permanently and can never be recovered back again.

So, you need to avoid the data overwrite scenario at all costs and the best thing you can do is put the drive away from all uses until you get the best photo recovery software for windows and recover the photos from your computer.

A few features that I found really interesting in this software:

  • It lets you recover photos of all types and sizes.
  • Let’s you recover photos from windows computer that is running any version of windows.
  • It recovers and lets you save the recovered photos to a folder on your windows computer.
  • It doesn’t modify or change any content or photo resolution while recovering photos from a windows computer.