How to Keep your System in a Good Working Condition?

It is obvious that everyone loves working on computer in a good working condition. But the computer starts annoying user when it is getting older. So we are here with few useful steps that keeps your computer in a better condition. And you must follow these steps to keep your data safe. Let’s have a view on these points:

Back up your computer

Make ensure that you have backup of all important data in any external data storage drive so that you can easily replace in case of any disaster. Windows is also providing an option called “System Restore” that allows user to restore system back to healthy condition. This option creates a restore point automatically or you can manually create a restore point.

Install a reliable antivirus tool

When you are using internet then there are chances that virus entered into your computer. As a result of which files and folder gets corrupts and become inaccessible. It is recommended to use reliable antivirus software to remove harmful and malicious programs. Always scan your entire drive to keep you safe from virus.

Uninstall unwanted software

Uninstall all application from your computer because this may increase the operating speed of computer. To perform this operation you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and choose computer
  2. Click on uninstall or change a program option appear on top bar
  3. Right click on the program that you want to uninstall from computer
  4. Follow the on screen steps to successfully uninstall a program

Check hard disk regularly

It is a good habit to check out the hard drives with Windows in-built tool CHKDSK or check disk at a regular interval. This tools helps you in identifying the problems in hard drive. You can take proper action before the disaster occurs to your hard drive as a result of which entire data become inaccessible.

In case, if any disaster happen then you can use Windows data recovery software to recover files from computer. The software consists of numerous advantages that helps in retrieving data from computer.