How to Fix Master Boot Record in Windows


What is MBR?

MBR stands for Master Boot Record which is the part of your hard drive that holds information about the partitions of the hard drive and acts as a loader for the OS when you are running it. It comprises of first 512 bytes of your hard disk. If the MBR is damaged then you won’t be able to boot the Windows and you may encounter error messages such as

  • Error Loading Operating system
  • Operating System not found
  • Invalid partition table
  • Reboot and select proper boot device

How to Fix MBR in Windows

If you wish to repair Windows MBR then you need installation DVD

Step 1: You need to boot from the original installation DVD (or recovery /usb)

Step2: Click on Repair your computer

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot

Step 4: When the command prompt appears, type the following commands

  • bootrec / fixMbr
  • bootrec / FixBoot
  • bootrec /ScanOS
  • bootrec / RebuildBcd

Press Enter after each command and wait for each operation to end up

Step 5: Remove the DVD from the disk

Step 6: Type exit and hit on Enter button

After restarting the computer, check whether bootrec utility fixes your Windows 8/8.1 if not; then try to fix the EFI bootloader of the Windows system

Step 1: Boot from the installation DVD or the Windows 8 or Windows .1

Step 2: Again click on Repair your computer

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot and select command prompt

Step 4: In the command prompt type the following commands

  • diskpart
  • sel disk 0
  • listvol

The mentioned commands will help in selecting the first disk of your computer

You need to check the volume item that has been in the Fs column. Besides, the EFI partition must be formatted under the category of FAT32. If the volume is having EFI partition as “2” then type

Set vol 2

If the volume number is different, it can be replaced by the suitable number which is mentioned there.

  • Wait for the success message to appear on screen
  • Now you can exit the DiskPart utility command
  • Now you should type this command and replace x: \ with the letter you have assigned earlier
  • cd / d x: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\
  • Type the bootrec command to repair the volume
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • Take backup of old BCD and recreate a new one
  • ren BCD BCD.backup
  • once you have recreated BCD, replace the x:\ with the assigned letter
  • bcdboot c: \Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL
  • In the above mentioned command, Windows is installed on c: \. Suppose your Windows is installed in different side, then you need to replace c: \ with that particular drive letter.
  • Remove the DVD from your system
  • Type exit
  • Restart the computer in order to update the changes

Hopefully the clarification on how do I restore the master boot record is successfully resolved. You can make use of free trial version of Remo Recover software for fixing MBR in all the latest version of Windows operating system