Five Things you can Change to Help the Environment

On our environment, climate change and anthropological pressure are a global issues, one so large any individual may question what these climate change and anthropological pressure are achieving and have achieved in recent years. Recent political developments have exacerbated that this air of futility as we are finding ourselves at a tipping point with respect to the environment and climatic action. However, what these setbacks actually mean is that unity is more important than anything else, and doing our individual part to contribute to help to change the environment is vital.

Eat less meat:


Livestock agriculture every year contributing 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions, most of which is produced by farming of cattle and their products. This is quite shocking, because when considering all modes of worldwide transport account for only 13%. This makes livestock farming as the greatest and largest anthropological driver of climatic change

Very recently, UN has recognized that the impacts of livestock agriculture and has called for a global shift towards a meat free diet for halting climatic change. Switching on to a vegan diet would make a huge difference as one person on a plant-based dieting produces 50% less carbon-di-oxide and uses 1/11th of the oil, 1/13th of the water and 1/18th of the land when compared to a meat eater. Also stepping down from beef to chicken is still a significant step as the land use and carbon footprint attributed to chicken production is comparatively smaller

Sustainably sourced food:


Nowadays, palm oil is present in everything in order to make sure to check food packaging for sustainably sourced palm oil. Organic products and free range eggs products are also considered as more sustainable as they not only ensures the welfare of animals but also environmental damage has been kept to minimum. Ethical Consumer is having great tools that help you to find the most sustainable products and avoid unsustainable and unethical supermarkets

You can even check that the fish you buy has been caught sustainably by boycotting companies that overfish or use methods detrimental to other marine life. Checking packaging for Marine Conservation Society (MCS) certified logos, whether its line and pole caught and particular species of tuna is key, because some species are more abundant than others and line and pole minimizes by catch. In conjunction to this, you can also keep an eye on global fish stocks and find MCSUK certified sustainable chippies near you

Be aware of plastic:


Plastic bags, plastic straws, Microbeads, one time used coffee cups, are the biggest plastic problems on earth. We have made a truly disposable society, but there are ways of reducing your plastic. You can invest in a reusable bamboo made coffee cup, as there are loads and are 100% biodegradable. Also they are reusable shopping bags, irrespective of whether it is a canvas or a more durable plastic than current polyethylene bags, the key is not to throw it away, instead always keep it with you. Also try to avoid products with microbeads, as if they were plague

Reuse and upcycle as much as possible:

There are lots of innovative ways to reuse plastic containers instead of throwing them away to become a part of the 18 million tonnes of waste landfilled in 2016-11-14-1479137663-7086421-2542929012_96889e6f4a_o-thumbUnited Kingdom every year. Creative reuses range from growing herbs to turning them in to lights. After food and drink, textiles are considered as the largest consumer market that landfill in UK every year. Modern manufacturers are using vast quantities of water and energy that include many animal-by-products such as wool, silk, and leather. Therefore, purchasing new clothes made of fresh animal-by-products contributes for the environmental impacts of both textile and livestock industries.

Purchasing vintage wool, leather, and silk garments could be considered sustainable because they won’t contribute to climate change. However, if you are not comfortable wearing animal products, then there are sustainable plant-based alternatives such as bamboo or hemp are available

Advocate environment awareness:

Due to political decisions, nowadays people are feeling disheartened, which have not only turned people against each other but done nothing or very little to tackle climate change thereby affecting our planet. Since years, especially in United States, climate change has been used as a political stance instead of being treated as a fact that we must collectively be dealing with. In today’s developed society, it is considered as almost impossible to be ill-informed on the subject given how we are connected, but in most of the cases, particularly in regards to US Republican Party, ignorance on climate change has become a choice.

The Sustainable Student Action (SSA) held an event on Monday April 14th 2014 in th Quad for Divestment. Many speakers from organizations and Seattle U gave accounts for why they believe SU should Divest in Fossil Fuels. Trevor Umbinetti

It has left to continue “business-as-usual” the effects of climate change includes severe flooding and droughts, as well as extreme cold and hot temperatures depending on global position, and as developing countries are lacking the capacity to adapt quick enough will led to mass irrigations. This major displacement will create worldwide tension and possible conflict.

Throughout the history people power and activism had tried and won on so many occasions in safeguarding environment, and will continue to do so as many people become environmentally aware. Politics driven by fear, greed seek, and bigotry to hinder progress of renewable energy, environmental protection, indigenous rights and climatic action, so facilitating togetherness and collective awareness is very much essential for our future