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Remo Recover makes it possible to restore lost data after factory reset on your Windows 10 system.

You might have encountered situations wherein your system is not performing to its optimal level. There are frequent process slowdowns despite maintaining enough disk space on all your drives. The situation doesn’t improve even after scanning your entire system with the best anti-virus software.

You decide it is time to go for a factory reset. Also known as master reset, it is the process of restoring your system to its original state by erasing all the information stored on the device to restore the device to its original manufacturer settings. This procedure removes applications, files and any third-party drivers and personal settings. The entire data of your hard drive is also erased. The system’s operating system is not removed in the process.

Here are other reasons for performing a factory reset:

  • To set the system to default settings.
  • To clear memory space on your device.
  • To get rid of all the information before selling your system.
  • To remove a virus that is difficult to remove.

If you performed a factory reset on your Windows 10 system and lost all your data, you can still recover it thanks to Remo Recover software.

Recover data using Remo Recover

If you are wondering how to recover files after factory reset on windows 10, Remo Recover software is the ideal tool to do so.

Note that once the files are lost after a factory reset, they still occupy the same memory locations on your hard drive. You can still recover them as long as you do not overwrite these files with new ones. In that case, data recovery process cannot be carried out.

One of the highlights of Remo Recover software is that the data recovery tool can restore data from your hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and various storage devices.

It supports file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT.

Since factory reset of a hard drive is pretty much same as re-formatting, Remo Recover is well equipped to restore lost data from lost, deleted, formatted and re-formatted partitions and drives as well.

Remo Recover shows you in clear, simple steps on how to recover files after accidental format.

If the process of factory reset was interrupted and you lost your Operating system (OS) as well, Remo Recover can restore data after OS re-installation.

Just download the latest version of the software and follow simple steps that are displayed on the screen to carry out data recovery on your Windows 10 system.

Some Common Ways to Fix File System Errors and Disk on Mac? http://cfmetals.com/some-common-ways-to-fix-file-system-errors-and-disk-on-mac Thu, 12 Oct 2017 07:31:32 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=454 Read More "Some Common Ways to Fix File System Errors and Disk on Mac?"]]> Sometimes you will have to go to recovery mode to repair the disk errors and file errors encounter in the computer. There could arise different sorts of problem on your Macintosh that can cause in data inaccessibility. At worst cases, you may not be able to perform any read or write operation onto the disk storage. However, to overcome from such errors and troubles, you got a number of options to deal with disk and file errors on Mac OS X. So, read this post to know some of the effective ways to fix file system errors and disk on Mac.

  • First Aid

Apple includes an inbuilt utility to check the disk health, known as Disk Utility. To open the Disk utility:

  • Hold down Command + Space and open the Spotlight – > Type Disk Utility -> Hit on Enter key


  • Go to the Applications > Utilities (double-click on it) -> Press on Disk Utility

Under Disk Utility you can choose the disk or the partition that you want to check. Your system partition will be generally named as Macintosh HD. You can then continue to run the First Aid on the entire disk or any chosen drive partition. Pressing on Run button will initiate checking the disk for errors. Upon encountering errors, they are automatically fixed by the first aid utility. You can get more information about the errors encountered on the disk simply by clicking on Show details option.

  • The Safe Mode

Booting the Mac in Safe Mode is one of the most frequently used solutions to resolve file system problems and disk errors. As you restart the Mac, hold down the Shift key as it boots. Continue to sign in with the password and it will continue to check for issues in the disk. Once after the check-up, you can reboot the Mac.

  • FSCK command

Running the fsck command in single-user mode also helps out in dealing with Mac file system errors. To get into single-user mode, hold Command + S keys upon restarting the Mac. Then you could see a text-mode terminal where you need to run the following command –

/sbin/fsck –fy

It performs several passes of checks and returns a message as The File System was Modified if errors are been found and fixed. If not, then you get a message as – The volume appears to be OK


Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Standard Xbox One X http://cfmetals.com/microsoft-opens-pre-orders-for-standard-xbox-one-x Tue, 03 Oct 2017 10:00:39 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=451 Read More "Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Standard Xbox One X"]]> Microsoft recently announced that Xbox One X is now available to pre-order worldwide. The console said that it will be most powerful and will be out on November 7th worldwide. Last month saw the Project Scorpio Edition which has opened for pre-orders, and now it’s time for those who are interested in the standard black model. However, the regular version is same, save for a tiny green Scorpio logo on the 1TB console and controller.

In terms of cost, The Xbox One X is priced at £449 in the UK, $499 in the US, and €499 in the rest of the Europe. You will be able to pre-order your console at stores such as BestBuy and GameStop and it’s also available through Microsoft’s own store, Microsoft.com, Amazon and a host of local retailers.

This Xbox One X will run the same games as the Xbox One S. Xbox One X can be enhanced, up to 4K resolution graphics and 60 frames per second performance. Also, the company said that it has more than 130 games enhanced in the system which include Far Cry 5, the remastered L.A. Noire and Okami HD.

How to Recover Deleted GoPro Files? http://cfmetals.com/how-to-recover-deleted-gopro-files Mon, 14 Aug 2017 12:51:40 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=448 Read More "How to Recover Deleted GoPro Files?"]]> Let us say, you are sport geek or adventurous fellow who have GoPro camera to capture all those moments. This camera features high quality action videos which can be captured when you play jet-sking, surfing, water skiing, motorsports, etc. and its wearable, waterproof and shockproof. Even with these advanced features you may come across loss of videos from GoPro camera. Here in this page we are focussing on how to restore deleted GoPro video file.

The videos you capture on GoPro camera will be saved in SD cards. Deletion of these videos happens due to various reasons. If you are searching for a solution to restore deleted video files from GoPro camera then here is a way….

Accidents are unpredictable. When you come across deletion of GoPro video files you need to first search for backup of GoPro video files on other storage device. In case, if there is no backup then you need a professional recovery software. Here I will recommend you to use Video Recovery by Remo.

Easy steps to restore deleted GoPro video files

With Remo Recover tool, GoPro deleted file recovery can be done in matter of minutes. To restore deleted GoPro video files, this tool scans the entire memory card of the GoPro camera then locates and restores data from it. Even recover deleted, lost, corrupted videos can be retrieved from various GoPro cameras like GoPro HD Hero, GoPro HD Hero 3 and so on. Not just GoPro videos this tool helps in recovering pictures and songs of various formats from cameras and camcorders of popular formats, other storage devices.

  • Video formats: MOV, AVI, MP4, 3G2, 3GP, etc.
  • Image Formats: JPEG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, PSD, GIF, and so on.
  • Audio Formats: MP4, MP3, MIDI, WAV, AIFC, RA, etc.
  • Storage Devices: Hard drives, pen drives, flash memory cards, etc.
  • Camera Brands: Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus, etc.
Steps to Delete a Volume on Mac http://cfmetals.com/steps-to-delete-a-volume-on-mac Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:35:37 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=439 Read More "Steps to Delete a Volume on Mac"]]> You may want to delete Mac partition for various reasons such as when a partition is corrupt or to increase the partition size, you need to delete the unused/unwanted partition. If you are one among who is looking for a solution to delete a volume on Mac then you are at exact place. This page guides you on how to delete a Mac volume using macOS built-in Disk Utility. To do this, follow the steps as below:

  1. Initially, open Disk Utility.
  2. Then hit on the partition that you wish to delete under the logical volume.
  3. With your partition selected, click on the Erase tab and choose Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).
  4. Now, hit the Erase button.
  5. Next, click the logical volume.
  6. Then click on the Partition tab.
  7. Now, highlight the partition which you erased in step 4.
  8. Click the ‘-‘ button and hit on Remove.
  9. Now drag the handle to reallocate the space left by the deleted partition.
  10. Finally, click Apply → Partition.

After a few seconds, the space taken from the removed partition will be reallocated. Once it completes, you can close Disk Utility.

However, there are chances of accidentally deleting partition containing important data. In such situation, if you are looking for a solution to restore deleted partition then make use of Remo Recover tool. Just download the free trial version of the tool to evaluate the tool performance. With this tool, deleted volume recovery can be done on various Mac systems with its advanced scanning algorithm. Supports recovery of data from HFS+, HFSX, exFAT volumes. Compatible with various Mac OS including EI Capitan. Even lost, corrupt volume recovery can be done in few simple steps.

This tool can be used even in the following scenarios:

  • If volume header corruption or catalog file corruption
  • To restore data from formatted Mac drive
  • To get back data from RAW drive/partition
  • Recovers data from various Mac devices such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.
What is Logical and Physical Hard Drive Failure? http://cfmetals.com/what-is-logical-and-physical-hard-drive-failure Fri, 07 Jul 2017 21:31:02 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=436 Read More "What is Logical and Physical Hard Drive Failure?"]]> The Hard disk drive of your system, be it the PC or laptop whether running on Windows or Mac platforms is the main storage device that stores all the data/files during the long course of its usage. Most HDD failures are not the result of any user activity instead it may crash or fail due to manufacturer defect or aging. Basically, there are two types of hard drive failures i.e. logical failure and physical failure. Let’s learn what is different between logical failure and physical failure of the hard disk drive in detail in this post.

Logical vs Physical hard drive failure

Logical Failure

When the system’s BIOS can detect your hard drive but for some reasons can’t access your data stored on it is referred as a logical failure. Sometimes, Windows may say that no drive is present at all or it may not mount the partition. Usually, logical failure occurs as a result of a bad platter or data corruption.

In a logical failure, the HDD mechanical components and electronic components are all functioning correctly. So you can easily recover failed logical drive without the need to open the hard disk drive. While there are many data recovery tools available in the market; it is important to select the effective and trustworthy software to retrieve your data. Remo Recover tool is available in demo version for free which you can try and preview the recovered data before buying the paid version.

Physical Failure

In a physical failure, the hard drive cannot be recognized because of internal hardware failure or electronic malfunction. When the HDD is physically damaged, you can even hear repetitious grinding or clicking noises. If you hear any unusual sounds from your hard drive, turn off your computer and don’t attempt to use it again until you sent to a recovery center.

The noises you hear could be the result of the head crash which causes complete and permanent data loss. The only way to retrieve data from a physically failed drive is to replace the corrupted hard drive components or just move the data platters to a donor disk where they can be retrieved to a stable destination disk.

What Does “Video File Not Found” Error Mean? http://cfmetals.com/what-does-video-file-not-found-error-mean Wed, 28 Jun 2017 20:14:39 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=430 Read More "What Does “Video File Not Found” Error Mean?"]]> At times, while checking out an HTML/HTM5 page on your browser, you may encounter an error message stating- “Video File not Found“. This problem arises if there is no proper codec installed on your system to support the video file that you’re trying to play. Thus, this post will assist you to know why this problem occurs and how to overcome it. Read the next section to know more.

Detailed explanation: What does “Video file not found” error means and how to resolve it?

Generally, video files included in the web page contains an object element which syncs with a certain type of video plugin/types. The most widely used video types are Flash and QuickTime. So, in order to play these video types, the browser you are using need to have an exclusive plugin that supports various formats. Without the help of plugins, the video files will be unable to play. This issue has been encountered by several web users since a long time.

The creators (designer/coders or whoever is responsible) of the web page need to generate a special HTML code that corresponds the links where the respective video can be downloaded. The formats can consist of OGG, WebM and MP4. When the code is generated, it gets placed into the body tags(<body></body>) of the web page.  Thus video will be viewable in all latest browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

Further, the resolution for this error is relatively simple. All you need to do is to make sure that your browser is updated (with all latest updates) and has all the required codes. Once you have these two things in place, the video on the web page will play without any complications.

Pro-tip: Whenever you download .mp4 videos from any web page, make sure that they are from a reliable source. Further, after the download, if you notice that the MP4 files are damaged, then you can make use of professional repair software –Remo Repair MOV. The tool is capable of repairing damaged MP4 files instantly. Apart from .mp4, MOV files can also be fixed using the same software.

How to Fix Master Boot Record in Windows http://cfmetals.com/how-to-fix-master-boot-record-in-windows Fri, 23 Jun 2017 04:07:46 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=427 Read More "How to Fix Master Boot Record in Windows"]]> What is MBR?

MBR stands for Master Boot Record which is the part of your hard drive that holds information about the partitions of the hard drive and acts as a loader for the OS when you are running it. It comprises of first 512 bytes of your hard disk. If the MBR is damaged then you won’t be able to boot the Windows and you may encounter error messages such as

  • Error Loading Operating system
  • Operating System not found
  • Invalid partition table
  • Reboot and select proper boot device

How to Fix MBR in Windows

If you wish to repair Windows MBR then you need installation DVD

Step 1: You need to boot from the original installation DVD (or recovery /usb)

Step2: Click on Repair your computer

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot

Step 4: When the command prompt appears, type the following commands

  • bootrec / fixMbr
  • bootrec / FixBoot
  • bootrec /ScanOS
  • bootrec / RebuildBcd

Press Enter after each command and wait for each operation to end up

Step 5: Remove the DVD from the disk

Step 6: Type exit and hit on Enter button

After restarting the computer, check whether bootrec utility fixes your Windows 8/8.1 if not; then try to fix the EFI bootloader of the Windows system

Step 1: Boot from the installation DVD or the Windows 8 or Windows .1

Step 2: Again click on Repair your computer

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot and select command prompt

Step 4: In the command prompt type the following commands

  • diskpart
  • sel disk 0
  • listvol

The mentioned commands will help in selecting the first disk of your computer

You need to check the volume item that has been in the Fs column. Besides, the EFI partition must be formatted under the category of FAT32. If the volume is having EFI partition as “2” then type

Set vol 2

If the volume number is different, it can be replaced by the suitable number which is mentioned there.

  • Wait for the success message to appear on screen
  • Now you can exit the DiskPart utility command
  • Now you should type this command and replace x: \ with the letter you have assigned earlier
  • cd / d x: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\
  • Type the bootrec command to repair the volume
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • Take backup of old BCD and recreate a new one
  • ren BCD BCD.backup
  • once you have recreated BCD, replace the x:\ with the assigned letter
  • bcdboot c: \Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL
  • In the above mentioned command, Windows is installed on c: \. Suppose your Windows is installed in different side, then you need to replace c: \ with that particular drive letter.
  • Remove the DVD from your system
  • Type exit
  • Restart the computer in order to update the changes

Hopefully the clarification on how do I restore the master boot record is successfully resolved. You can make use of free trial version of Remo Recover software for fixing MBR in all the latest version of Windows operating system

Free Software to Restore Deleted Partition http://cfmetals.com/free-software-to-restore-deleted-partition Fri, 26 May 2017 17:28:33 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=423 Read More "Free Software to Restore Deleted Partition"]]> Most of you might be using a single partition on your hard drive for a long period, and later understood the need for multiple partitions on your hard disk drive. Dividing the hard drive into several logical partitions helps in categorizing the file types and storing them at particular partitions. This makes you identify and pick your files so easy and time-consuming. So, to divide a hard disk drive into several partitions, you either use Disk Management Utility or some third party partitioning tools.

However, in spite of taking several precautionary measures, you often end up in doing mistakes such as unintentional deletion of a partition. Or else partition can get deleted due to partitioning error while creating, removing or resizing the partition. Other than these, the other reasons behind deletion of partitions on Windows computers are corruption in the file system, hard drive failure, operating system up gradation, etc.

Whatever may be the reasons behind partition deletion, free partition undelete software from Remo is the best tool to recover deleted partitions in hassle free manner. To restore deleted partition, straightaway download, and install Remo Recover software on a healthier system. Then, connect the affected drive as a slave to this system, and restore the deleted partition with utmost ease

Undelete the partition with Remo Recover tool:

After downloading and installing the free edition of Remo Partition recovery software, launch it to perform deleted partition recovery. It allows you to select a physical hard drive that is connected to your PC or laptop. Meanwhile, it can create a disk image of the hard drive and later recovers the files from deleted partition in few clicks. With its powerful scanning algorithms, it thoroughly scans your drive to get deleted partition back and restore data from it. Once the scanning process is completed, it allows you to view all the recoverable files in “File Type View” or “Data View” via its inbuilt “Preview” button. To save your valuable time, and avoid rescanning of the drive, while running the complete edition, make use of “Save Recovery Session” feature in demo edition. So that, while executing the full version, you can use “Open Recovery Session” button and save the recovered files at your desired location.

Why Opt Remo Recover software?

  1. Remo Recover supports the recovery of partition having different file systems such as FAT16. FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and EXFAT file systems
  2. Supports partition recovery from different types of hard drives such as SATA, SSD, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.
  3. Compatible with different versions of Windows OS including Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.
  4. Restores more than 300 types of files including Word documents, videos, audios, images, PowerPoint presentation files, spreadsheets, games, system or program files, etc.
  5. Supports recovery of partitions from other storage devices such as USB drives, pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  6. Supports almost all major brands of hard drives such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Iomega, Buffalo, Hitachi, Kingston, etc.

Other reasons behind deletion of partition on Windows computers:

  1. Formatting a wrong partition instead of the required partition without taking necessary backup.
  2. Virus or malware infection is the most common reasons behind the loss, deletion or corrupt partitions.
  3. Sometimes, partitions get deleted due to corruption in Master Boot Record.
  4. Following incorrect procedure while converting the file system of a logical drive from FAT to NTFS or vice versa can lead to inaccessibility of files contained in it
Learn to Recover Deleted MTS Files http://cfmetals.com/learn-to-recover-deleted-mts-files Wed, 10 May 2017 23:20:36 +0000 http://cfmetals.com/?p=411 Read More "Learn to Recover Deleted MTS Files"]]>

Hello Friends!!! I deleted some of the MTS files accidentally from memory card before transferring to the PC. I want to get back those video files as soon as possible. Is there any suggestion to recover deleted MTS files in a reliable way?

MTS is a file extension for Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) video. It supports both 1080i and 720p in a relatively small size file. These video files can be burned on Blu-Ray discs and can be played on different compatible devices. Only Sony and few Panasonic models have software to open and edit MTS files. You are able to open MTS file formats on Flash CS5, Roxio Popcorn and also on Cyber links players. However, it is possible that you may have  deleted MTS files accidentally and you want to know how to recover deleted MTS files.

Under such circumstances, you need to employ Remo Recover utility to restore deleted data from any storage device. It allows user to recover deleted MTS files as well as different video file formats from different types of data storage devices like hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc. This software recovers data from deleted, formatted hard drive, reformatted and corrupted hard drive in few simple steps.

Reasons for deletion of MTS files

  • Sometimes user accidentally press Shift+Delete button as a result of which files including MTS video get deleted from hard drive permanently.
  • Formatting is another option to erase files and folders from any storage device. It is one of the most usual scenario for data loss from any storage device.
  • The harmful and malicious program on system corrupts entire data on hard drives. If antivirus software is installed on system then it automatically removes corrupted files from system.

In such condition, you lose MTS video from hard drive, external HDD, USB drive, memory card, etc. In such conditions, you can employ Remo Recover tool to restore deleted or lost MTS files from any storage device.

Advanced features of Remo Recover tool

  • Compatible in recovering deleted MTS files on both Windows and Mac systems
  • Apart from MTS video files, you can also recover other video file formats easily
  • Search recovered files from list according to file name, file type, file date and file size
  • Supports data recovery from different brands of camera like Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, etc
  • Preview option is available to check the effectiveness of tool before purchasing the licensed version
  • Customer care executives are available to guide users while recovering deleted MTS video files.