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QuickTime MOV file is a type of file format played on both Windows and Macintosh system. It is widely used across the globe. However, sometimes Windows media player didn’t support MOV file format or sometimes having no sound. It is quite irritating for users when user is unable to play MOV file or doesn’t support… Read Article →

AVI is a multi media file format, which has been launched by Microsoft corporation. It is a simple file format used for saving both audio and video onto a single file, and makes them more effective than other video file types. AVI is one of the most popular file formats for saving video calls made… Read Article →

MOV file format was initially developed for Mac OS X, but later they made it compatible with Windows OS also. MOV file has many advantages over other video files like high picture quality, compression techniques, simplicity and many more. Sometimes, you cannot play the most valuable MOV files in QuickTime player on Apple Mac. The… Read Article →

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