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CarPlay is a smarter and secured way to use your iOS devices for using Siri in the car and optimized on-screen interface lets you safely access the apps even while driving. What’s new with CarPlay in iOS 9? The input for CarPlay is a microphones form the car hardware and built-in displays. The updated new… Read Article →

What is Defragmentation? Defragmentation is the process of organizing the content of the huge storage device (files and folders) into smallest number of connecting fragments. Disk Defragmentation of hard drive will also increases the performance of the computer. It allows to arrange fragmented files on the hard drive of Windows 10 computer in an effective… Read Article →

Once again Apple has proves that, it is capable of making cool device and mainstream in the form of Apple Watch and what people expect from such wearable device. This watch does much more than only showing or displaying time. In every user mind, one question will be rising such as what is Apple Watch… Read Article →

About Office 365: Office 365 is a cloud based service that includes access to all Microsoft Office applications plus other utility services that are enabled on the go over Internet. It provides additional online storage with OneDrive and free Skype minutes for home edition, on a subscription basis. Most Office 365 subscription plans also comprise… Read Article →

The world is known to be computer era, since majority of users employ desktops and laptops for their usage either related to business, education or personal lives. When it comes to computer / laptop, hard disk plays to be the most important role as it allows you to save several number of files of various… Read Article →

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