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At times, while checking out an HTML/HTM5 page on your browser, you may encounter an error message stating- “Video File not Found“. This problem arises if there is no proper codec installed on your system to support the video file that you’re trying to play. Thus, this post will assist you to know why this… Read Article →

It is obvious that everyone loves working on computer in a good working condition. But the computer starts annoying user when it is getting older. So we are here with few useful steps that keeps your computer in a better condition. And you must follow these steps to keep your data safe. Let’s have a… Read Article →

Last year, researchers found that Mac malware developed by APT28 Russian cyber intelligence group who is responsible for 2016 election hacking scandal. This is now targeting on Apple macOS system which is been used in several attacks against Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices. It is basically designed to steal browser password, capture screenshots of… Read Article →

IT industries are always looking for best ways to increase efficiency and also reduce costs in the quality of products and services. Cloud computing IT departments and service providers are increasingly opting for APIs in order to enable automation, driving efficiency and cost savings. The opportunities for future development are mentioned below: Enabling operational potency… Read Article →

On our environment, climate change and anthropological pressure are a global issues, one so large any individual may question what these climate change and anthropological pressure are achieving and have achieved in recent years. Recent political developments have exacerbated that this air of futility as we are finding ourselves at a tipping point with respect… Read Article →

Amazing features of using Remo Recover Mac software for the purpose of recovering files on Mac devices: Remo Recover Mac application is one of the most powerful tools for retrieving lost or deleted files from Mac OS X. It is built with smart scan algorithm which searches and restores all deleted or lost files and folders from… Read Article →

Nowadays, most of the smart phones are coming with huge inbuilt storage memory. So, the manufacturers of mobile phones are slowly retiring from SD (Secure Digital) cards.  SD cards are still less expensive compare to the smart phones internal storage space variations offered by makers of mobiles. The great part is that memory cards are… Read Article →

Now the former head of Google+ is selling Apple Watch accessory which is specially designed to look after your heart. AliveCor a startup, build a heart-monitoring sensors for smartphone which is basically run by the former chief of Google+ Vic Gundotra. The Kardia Band is a latest product of AliveCor which is an Apple Watch… Read Article →

Surface Pro 4 a vastly improved tablet can replace your laptop. But this cannot be believed because Microsoft use the same phrase for the earlier Surface Pro 3. Let’s have a look on things that has been improved. Some improved features of Surface Pro 4: Classy design and display: The Surface Pro 4 does not… Read Article →

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