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The Hard disk drive of your system, be it the PC or laptop whether running on Windows or Mac platforms is the main storage device that stores all the data/files during the long course of its usage. Most HDD failures are not the result of any user activity instead it may crash or fail due… Read Article →

Most of you might be using a single partition on your hard drive for a long period, and later understood the need for multiple partitions on your hard disk drive. Dividing the hard drive into several logical partitions helps in categorizing the file types and storing them at particular partitions. This makes you identify and… Read Article →

Hard drive plays a vital role in each and every computers, without which computer is a useless device. As, hard drive holds operating system and various program files required to make the system to work. In addition to operating system and program files, we store thousands of our personal as well as official data files… Read Article →

Whether it is desktop or laptop, all the files stored in our computer will be saved in the hard disk drive. Hard drives are mainly categorized into two major classes based on their purpose and functionality. Internal hard drives are the secondary data storage devices that comes within a computer for storing our data. Whereas… Read Article →

Hard disk drive is a main component in any computer that helps us to store any kind of files like pictures, videos, audio files, word documents, presentation files, spreadsheets, PDF files, PST files, HTML and XML files, application files, and many more. Hard drive of a computer is a non-volatile in nature as it has… Read Article →

Hard drive is a storage device used to keep personal and application files in a safe and secure way. It is used to store images, audio, video, Office document file, PDF file and so on. Sometimes users reformat the drive in order to access data that are not compatible with older file system. There might… Read Article →

Hard drive data storage device which is used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating disk coated with a magnetic disk. You may lose data from your hard drive due to hard drive crash, accidental deletion etc. If your operating system crashes, whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux then that will… Read Article →

If you are unlucky, hard disk drives after working for a few months to a few years may crash. If not, you might, during a certain period of time experience loss of data due to unplanned formatting. These situations are unavoidable and only regular backups can help. But when you lost data and don’t have… Read Article →

Mac OS X is one of the most popular Operating systems that offer advancement in dependability, ability to manage, deployment, security and performance over other operating systems. Most of the users use Mac because of its improved security features and its upgraded user interface. OS X is held on the hard drive of the system… Read Article →

What is a hard drive crash? In general, hard drive crash is of two types first one is a logical damage in the drive which can be termed as soft damage and the second one is the physical damage of the drive which is hard damage. The logical damage includes logical sector error, system information… Read Article →

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