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Remo Recover makes it possible to restore lost data after factory reset on your Windows 10 system. You might have encountered situations wherein your system is not performing to its optimal level. There are frequent process slowdowns despite maintaining enough disk space on all your drives. The situation doesn’t improve even after scanning your entire… Read Article →

What is MBR? MBR stands for Master Boot Record which is the part of your hard drive that holds information about the partitions of the hard drive and acts as a loader for the OS when you are running it. It comprises of first 512 bytes of your hard disk. If the MBR is damaged… Read Article →

Have you deleted photos from Windows photos gallery? It is really frustrating situation for users as it leads to severe data loss. Can anyone suggest reliable software to recover deleted photos Windows photo gallery? Windows Photo Gallery is an in-built tool which is used to edit and organize pictures in computers. However, it is possible… Read Article →

Hi Everyone, Yesterday I updated my Windows 10 OS which results in loss of favorites in internet explorer. I want to get back lost favorites in IE now. Please help me out in recovering favorites as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance!!!!! Most of users think that it is impossible to recover Microsoft edge favorites… Read Article →

Have you deleted partition accidentally from system? It leads to deletion of number of files and folder permanently from system. Under such situation, user is looking for reliable software to perform data recovery from deleted partition. Please let know about third party to retrieve data from deleted partition. Remo Recover software is capable in recovering… Read Article →

Hello Friends!!! I am using smartphone with 16GB SD card. There are lots of media files stored in SD card. Yesterday I am unable to access data stored in card as it say blank SD card. Can anyone suggest third party tool to recover data stored in memory card? Remo Recover is an effective tool… Read Article →

Windows 10 is the latest update of Windows operating system designed by Microsoft. This version consists of number of new and special features. In spite of various features, sometimes get deleted from system permanently. In such severe condition, user opts for reliable tool to recover deleted files from system. Can anyone suggest how to recover… Read Article →

Common data loss scenarios that most of the Mac users come across on their Mac computers are listed below: Accidental deletion of files and folders while deleting unwanted files using Command and Delete keys Files and folders emptied from Trash folder after simple deletion of the files and folders from Mac system Intentional or unintentional… Read Article →

Though Microsoft has released its new version of operating system Windows 10, even today most of the users are very comfortable with Windows 8 and are using Windows 8 operating system in their desktops and laptops. Windows 8 has been accepted over entire world because of its advanced features and user friendly interface. In spite… Read Article →

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