Apple Watch band heart monitors

Now the former head of Google+ is selling Apple Watch accessory which is specially designed to look after your heart.


AliveCor a startup, build a heart-monitoring sensors for smartphone which is basically run by the former chief of Google+ Vic Gundotra. The Kardia Band is a latest product of AliveCor which is an Apple Watch accessory that is designed to alert the users about the abnormal rhythms of heart by using nickel-sized sensor which is embedded in this product along with the approval of Food and Drug Administration.

The Kardia Band Company’s new product release date or price has not yet been decided but this may be the first Apple Watch accessory that’s built a similar FDA-approved.  Based on the Recode report, the software which is used to produce electrocardiogram data (an ECG) has been approved by the federal agency but the Band is still waiting for approval. However AliveCor sits on the other side of the FDA line, “Top executive of Google+ Gundotra told “We are not a fitness product. This is not a toy. We’re talking about people’s lives.”


Keeping this in mind, the AliveCor Band is not planned at fitness enthusiasts who wish to watch their heartbeat while out running but helpful for those individuals who have a heart problems or the one who is at risk of a stroke. It only helps to detects abnormal rhythms like atrial fibrillation (AF) in which ECG is a key to this. Whenever problem occur, user get alerts with the option of recording a voice memo, so that the symptoms and conditions can be sent to their doctors along with the ECG data. If FDA approves Kardia Band then it will surely be a step forward for the probability of such connected devices which is an outstanding reputation in terms of accuracy.