4 Steps to Retrieve Videos from SD Cards

Secure digital card is widely used and compact portable device which store all your files. Sometimes, you may come across the problem of data loss from these SD cards due to various reasons. Let us consider one scenario mentioned below,

Imagine that you have collected some of your favourite movies with much difficulty which are not available in internet and have stored it in your SD card. Once you tried to transfer all those video files into your Windows computer but it was unsuccessful. When you try to access your drive to watch those videos and you came to know that the files are not accessible.

How do you feel now? Hey, don’t worry. This is a simple issue. But how these files became inaccessible? You have any idea about this? You can find so many reasons behind these kinds of issues. This may be due to the virus which is present in your system that has affected your SD card and corrupted your media files. This has led to inaccessibility of that .mov file. You may come across various situations as like and be thinking for a solution to perform SD card recovery. Here is the apt solution for you, you can easily restore SD card files with the help of Remo Recover tool.

Predominantly seen scenarios to execute SD card recovery on Windows

  • Improper ejection of card: If you have removed a SD card from system and other multimedia device during read / write process, can contribute to card corruption. It is usually getting corrupted on account of power failure while accessing data through the flash card.
  • Low battery: Sometimes, you might try to capture videos even with camera having low battery, as there are chances to get SD card damaged. Additionally, it can get corrupt, as a result of recording videos before completion of saving technique of previously taken video.
  • Usage of same SD card in numerous devices: When you have used a flash SD card of just one camera, inside a different cameras may results in card corruption, since the different cards are customized for several types of cameras.

Other reasons for loss of data from Secure Digital cards are like accidental deletion of videos, careless formatting of SD card, alternative third party applications, etc.

Attractive advantages of Remo Recover Toolkit

  • Powerful scanning algorithms of this utility scans complete drive in one shot and retrieve deleted or missing videos from various SD cards like SDHC, SDXC, etc.
  • Any novice user can easily rescue movie files even if the SD card is formatted, broken or damaged.
  • Restores video files from different portable cards such as memory cards, iPods, digital camera, internal/external hard drives and so on.
  • Toolkit supports recovery of erased videos from Secure Digital card installed on different kinds of file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5.
  • The unique advantage of this wizard is that the recovered multimedia files can be stored to any desired location as well as in a zip format to utilize storage space more efficiently.